Top 10 Best 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers 2017

1.  Zhiyun Crane v2 (Ideal for mirrorless and lightweight cameras)

Capacity: 1200 grams (1800 grams after the firmware update) | Batteries: 2 batteries included (manufacturer claims 12 hours of life) | Weight: less than 2 lbs | Mount: standard tripod plate (quick mount) | Camera type: Light without mirror, DSLR or any camera on a plate | Warranty: 30-day satisfaction guarantee (10% restocking fee, by the manufacturer)

Zhiyun has not yet established a brand in the space of the nacelle, but they definitely make a sensation. Enjoying a profile much smaller than any Ronin, the Zhiyun lives in the middle, where you can easily wear it, and use it by hand for long periods of time. That said, it's still a little complicated and requires 5 to 10 minutes of initial balancing for some users. The other disadvantage is that some people have had problems with their customer service after getting a bad unit. Yet, if one can look beyond these issues and on the benefits, the Zhiyun offers an excellent practical configuration for using your mirrorless camera with excellent stability at a much cheaper price than a Ronin-M.

Buy the Zhiyun Crane v2 here.  Best 3 Axis Gimbals


The focus of the camera and the shutter speed can be adjusted using gimbal
The most affordable gimbal for mirrorless cameras
Includes two batteries for 12 hours of battery life (depending on the manufacturer)
The bottom of the handle has a 1/4 "thread, so it can be mounted on tripods, monopods
4 modes for different shooting options
Includes a hard case
The inconvenients:

Some cameras are impossible to balance or too heavy
Not good enough to counter the movement of walking
Some users have had problems with customer service
Find more information and review about Zhiyun Crane here.

2.  Evo GP 3 (Best for GoPro 3).  Best 3 Axis Gimbal

Capacity: Up to 155 grams (works with an LCD backpack or a backpack accessory) | Battery life: 2 batteries included, total of 5 hours | Weight: 1,4lbs | Camera Type: GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4, Other Action Cameras | 1 year warranty

The Evo GP3 is loved by critics and owners of GoPro. Surprisingly, GoPro has failed to deliver in two key areas: drones and to some extent gimbals. Regardless, the competitors have filled the space and the GP3 Evo is not only a bit cheaper, it works with the GoPro 3 and 4, unlike the Karma Grip, which excludes the owners of GoPro 3. If you are between Evo and Karma, the Karma engine is reported as quieter. The GP3, however, is cheaper and many users report an excellent experience, including its ability to load a GoPro while stabilizing it. Another big advantage is that compared to GoPro Karma, this gimbal is used to exchange batteries. It includes two, but it also allows you to buy extra batteries. If you are GoPro Karma dies, you are pretty much SOL for about six hours while his internal battery is charging (you can not change the battery on a Karma).